Re: “What’s worse

In the March 28 issue of the Village News, Mr. McDougal of FPUD referenced my letter which appeared March 21. he stated that Congressman Duncan Hunter has not ignored Fallbrook, but met with business and community leaders, and with FPUD, and hosted a barbeque.

It is prudent that a politician meet with special interest groups where meetings are conducted in safe territory and are usually friendly and cordial. What I am asking for is that Mr. Hunter meet with the electorate to discuss the federal state of affairs and answer questions. Thus type of town hall meeting is a bit more challenging and requires a bit more stamina, courage, and fortitude.

I’ve been trying to get Congressman Hunter to do a town hall meeting for three months and he has been stonewalling me all along. His local chief of staff, Mr. Rick Terazas, has not returned my phone call.

If you believe that our government representatives need to report to their electorate, please help me and the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce to get Congressman Duncan Hunter to do a town hall meeting in Fallbrook. Please call his scheduler at (202) 225-5672 or email her at [email protected]

George Mavrik

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