Rebuilding our transportation infrastructure

10-30-14-letter-Marie Waldron column-cphotoAssemblymember Marie Waldron
AD-75 (R)

Last week I joined my Assembly Republican colleagues to introduce the Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Act (TRRIP). Unlike other proposals, our plan will restore and enhance California’s transportation infrastructure, without raising taxes!

Since the 1970s our population has almost doubled, but our highway system has not kept pace. Californians pay the second highest gas prices and the highest gas taxes (including cap-and-trade) in the nation.

While General Fund spending has increased by more than $36 billion over the past six years, the increased expenditures have not gone toward highways, while existing transportation funding has often been diverted to other uses.

Briefly, our plan generates $5.6 billion by dedicating all vehicle sales and insurance taxes to transportation projects, which are currently diverted to the General Fund.

Another $2.2 billion will be generated by repaying funds raided from transportation during the recession. These funds will support repairs to local roads, capacity improvements and traffic relief, highway maintenance and public transit projects.

TRRIP also removes regulatory red tape that slows street repairs, improves accountability by establishing a Transportation Inspector General, and provides audits of major projects to ensure our transportation dollars are being spent efficiently and appropriately.

Providing reliable highways, streets and roads is one of the primary responsibilities of state government. Our economy and our way of life depend upon a transportation network designed for a growing population of almost 40 million people, not a woefully inadequate, crumbling system built for a population half its current size.

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  1. Ray (the real one)   March 3, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Well if California keeps promoting lawlessness, sanctuary cities and taxpayer funded attorney’s for illegal aliens, where is money going to come from? Not the federal government, maybe Brown’s bullet train to nowhere will offset the costs. Sacramento is liberalism gone amok with our state hemmoraging red ink, I don’t see anything happening but the Democrats can always raise taxes….. Again.


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