Rescuing German Shorthair Pointers

As an animal lover (and supporter of the wonderful Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary. through both cash donations and donated goods), I just wanted to bring attention to another local, dedicated rescue organization, headquartered in Bonsall. This German Shorthair Pointer rescue facility began because of the lifelong love of animals by Jan Flaherty, a Southern Calif. native who owned her first German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) in 1958.

She has been involved in rescuing GSPs for 25 years, and sadly, the numbers abandoned to shelters and in need of new homes has grown to where the rescue has placed nearly 100 of these beautiful, loving dogs in recent years.

The website, gives details on many of these dogs still looking for their “forever home” and also provides information on volunteering, donating and becoming a member of the GSP Club, whose motto is “Hunt for a Good Home.” 

Fundraising is always a challenge and desperately needed to care for all the dogs still waiting to be adopted. Information on fundraisers can also be found on the website.

Sharon Arnstein

2 Responses to "Rescuing German Shorthair Pointers"

  1. Martha Peak   October 5, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks John for posting this.
    Jan’s work seems to be unending and her dedication overwhelming.
    I hope more people consider what it takes to do what she does.
    Any help, monetarily or physically will be a God send to that organization.
    These babies have no one but the people to champion them, starting with Jan and trickling down to Anyone who has had a dog or wishes to have one.

  2. John   October 5, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    Here is the URL for the GSP rescue:


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