Scoop! ‘Health care is complicated’

Anyone who had any knowledge about the debacle of losing our hospital can vouch for the complexity if healthcare.

What’s scary is the ignorance of healthcare among the people who are supposed to be reconstructing it subsequent to the ACA. A lot of Congressmen are getting a shocking education in healthcare, even though the debates in committees and on the floor have proven to be educational for the members and TV viewers.

Let’s face some historic facts. The costs of healthcare started rising steeply over 30 years ago and they have started to rise less steeply only in the past year. Rising costs are the root cause of our national healthcare problem.

Expanding coverage and eligibility increase risk to any pooled solution (insurances). How to administer and finance this giant fuzzball was incorporated into law with extreme difficulty by the Democrats in 2010, after a failed earlier attempt. Creating a new giant fuzzball is going to be just as difficult.

When the 2010 ACA was passed, we knew that adjustments would have to be made to it. The internal processes of the ACA would have to be addressed one by one. And that is what we should be doing now: tweak the ACA and forget about creating a new giant fuzzball that will, in turn, have to be adjusted in perpetuity.

John Watson

3 Responses to "Scoop! ‘Health care is complicated’"

  1. Joe Halcomb   April 7, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Well said John Watson why can’t the people that are in charge and consider them selves so smart see that…let me know if your running for President.

  2. PJ Anderson   April 7, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Exactly John Watson! My health insurance went from $218 per month in 2001 to $1280 per month in 2008 with higher deductibles, my medicines no longer on a formulary list, and higher co-pays. To be fair, after I had Cobra to keep my insurance for three years after divorce, I was then forced into the Hippa high-risk insurance pool at $1280 per month in 2008. Before that, it had jumped to $865 per month by 2006. To repeat, in 7 years it went from $218 per month to $865 per month. This was from a small business plan with the State of California Health Collective that did NOT deduct or allow any pre-existing conditions exclusions or disclosure! BTW, I belong to a Indivisible Fallbrook and several of us would love for you to join our very active group. P.S. Of course I feel bad for anyone who had to pay much more, but the answer is to FIX this as you state. All attempts to fix this has been blocked since it’s inception. It’s just common sense to understand that any huge new program will need to be tweaked and improved!!!!

  3. PJ Anderson   April 7, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    I made a mistake. Correction: My insurance jumped from $218 per month in 2001 to $865 per month in 2006. That’s FIVE YEARS.


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