Thank you Fallbrook Golf Club

Recently my family and friends celebrated my 90th birthday with a party at the Fallbrook Golf Club. The food was wonderful and the servers were very attentive. They had three food stations set up and also assisted my family with a podium and PA system. There was a large screen TV in the back that we could use to show family photos.

Lupe Rodriquez, head of the kitchen staff, was extremely helpful; and Lupe Ruiz, banquet coordinator, did a marvelous job as well.

My family was able to pick out the color of both the napkins and the tablecloths. They had a free-flowing tea and water station set up and so much food that we even had some left over. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there was plenty of room for our 90 guests.

Thank you Fallbrook Golf Club for helping to make my 90th birthday a wonderful occasion.

Barbara Taylor

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