Thank you for clearing your property

We’ve seen the fires in the news; we remember the 2007 fires that destroyed over 200 homes in Fallbrook. This year we already see large expanses of dry, yellow areas that usually signal fire season in the fall. I appreciate seeing that many people are responsibly clearing the combustible materials on their properties.

Cutting your weeds, clearing dead and dry brush and trees, and dead palm fronds, are all fire prevention measures which help protect our wonderful community and look great, too.

Thank you!

DeAnne Mahlum

One Response to "Thank you for clearing your property"

  1. Redneck Bill   May 24, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    I live where the 2003 Gavilan fire burned the snot out of my neighborhood.

    Through God’s grace and my fire training, I was able to save mine and my neighbors house.

    In the 2007 fire, I had my fire hoses led and ready to go. But then, the fire guys descended, and they stopped the fire before it got to my ridge.

    It was amazing watching them from the ridge, as they literally STOPPED the fire from advancing.

    But did we really lose 200 homes?


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