Thank you to Le Bistro

I would like to thank Robert and Le Bistro for giving us the most elegant restaurant in our town for over 20 years; for offering up the best food that will never be equaled; and for the friendship and the laughter we have all shared at Le Bistro.

I am just one, of many customers, who will miss you, your culinary skills and a very special place to dine.

Personally, I will never forget how you made me feel so at ease and so welcome, as a new widow, venturing out for dinner on my own for the first time. I have enjoyed many afternoons and evenings, over the years, at Le Bistro because of your good food, your kindness, your friendship and your very “strange” wit (ha!).

I wish you and Mother Mary the very best in Chicago, as I know all of your other faithful customers do too.

Joyce Brazel

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