Thanks to Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary

My husband and I would like to thank Janet Lucore and the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary for helping us find a kitty playmate for our cat, Allison.

Allison has been a single cat for almost a year now and she is very selective, so this was no easy task. But, in the end, we found Curly.

And, thanks to Kim Neison at Kim and Mindy’s Paradise Pet Spa in Fallbrook, Curly got a wash and fluff, had his nails done, and now even Allison thinks he is the “cat’s meow.”

After less than a week, they are kissing and playing together. I think it’s a purrrfect match.

Want a pet or need a companion for your pet? Check out the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary located on Aviation between Main and Mission. They have many wonderful animals looking for a good home. Thanks again.

Roger and Carolyn Mathes

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  1. VOLUNTEER   November 17, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Thank you Carolyn. There are so many, many, wonderful, loving and giving cats and dogs at the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary who will make great pets. All they need is a home. Janet LuCore works tirelessly EVERY day from dawn to late evening, sometimes without a break, to care for these homeless animals.


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