The Liberty quarry story; everyone is a hero

Eight years were devoted to halting the devastating “Liberty quarry” project.

Looking back, I am awed by what dedicated people, people like you and I, can do when we rise to the challenge.

I am the first to say that the Pechanga Indians are my heroes. They saved the communities of Rainbow, Fallbrook and the city of Temecula. I will always be grateful.

There are so many other heroes too. Every person who put their life on hold to do whatever they were able is a hero. People who did the best they could to help in some way are heroes. Some people came to every event; some came when they could, some wrote letters, some made phone calls, some held signs, some signed up new people, some helped finance us; others did it all. That makes them all heroes.

In the end, we can all, each of the thousands of people who “got involved,” be proud. You all made a difference and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

If not for you, some of the good that needed to be done might still need doing. If not for you, a key role you played might have been left undone. You have always made a difference. If not for you, someone else might not have been inspired to give of themselves.

Every person who cared made a difference.

Together, we helped make this happen and we will never be the same for it.

Jerri Arganda


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