Time for Caltrans to fork over money

Thank you for publishing my letter about the danger at Big Oak Ranch Road. I did receive very good response from the Fallbrook Community Planning Group, San Diego engineers, and Supervisor Bill Horn, although he only referred it to another agency.

One time a paper published an article that South Mission would become four lanes with a center divider, but it never happened.

East Mission is also congested, especially during the 2007 fire, as well as 76 when fire was near the riverbed. Also Reche Road and traffic to Camp Pendleton was totally overloaded. Now our population is larger.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge is receiving millions for a safety net to keep people from jumping? Welfare mothers will receive $80 per month for diapers – for two years of age. The list goes on and on for silly spending of our tax dollars.

There are two houses for sale on our street and the real estate agents are not showing these lovely homes. The rest of our property goes down in value.

Homeowners appreciate your support of narrow roads in Fallbrook. It is time for Caltrans to fork over money.

Thanks for listening to this 90-year-old lady.

Juliana Tipton

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