Tree removals necessary due to damaging problems

Big changes have occurred on Main Ave. in downtown Fallbrook. Two huge ficus trees are gone. Many are upset seeing these icons of our town go, but it is for the better.

As most will realize, the root system of those trees has caused a lot of damage over the years. Approximately 10 years ago San Diego County DPW came and replaced the sidewalk in both locations. The site at Alvarado and Main had erupted again, despite root pruning. At the other site the tree roots swelled and continued to grow into the sewer lines causing repeated plumbing problems.

At another level, the cost of pruning those trees was huge. Save Our Forest (SOF) adopted the trees 15 years ago because pests jeopardized other trees in our community forest. SOF volunteers do as much tree care as possible, but these huge trees were obviously not something they could do. Therefore, professionals have been paid to do the work. Many people do not realize that Fallbrook is an unincorporated community with no city taxes to provide for this care as well as many other town amenities.

Soon some replacements will appear. We are grateful for the help of DPW and know that the safer walkway and new look will be for the best. In the meantime you might think about joining hard-working SOF volunteers and help take care of our town. Also, check out the beautiful metal sculpture “Roots” on Hawthorne which commemorates our Treescape Project.

Jackie Heyneman

Save Our Forest

Fallbrook Land Conservancy

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