Valley Oaks thanks FireSafe volunteers

The Valley Oaks park management would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank You” to the North County Fire Protection District and the Fallbrook FireSafe Council for co-sponsoring the “Helping People Become More FireSafe” program.

On March 22, the FireSafe Volunteer Work-Day Program brought an incredible group of Marines into our mobile home park to help three of our residents who needed some extra assistance with their yard work. All of the volunteers worked so hard and did such a wonderful job, not only on the trimming, but also on the clean-up. We were all impressed by how polite, kind and helpful each of the volunteers was to the residents of our park.

We will be forever grateful for their assistance. Everyone at Valley Oaks wants to send an extra special “Thank You” to all of the Marines who donated their time to help us. They are forever in our thoughts and prayers.

Cathie Majors

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