Warning about rentals used for Airbnb

We are owners of a couple of properties that are long term rentals.  Twice now, I have found my property on www.Airbnb.com listed by my tenant. Because of these listings we have suffered property damage, excessive wear and tear, and complaints from our neighbors as well as clogged sewers and drains.

The only way to determine whether your house is on the website is to click on the area, give them fictitious dates of a stay and scroll through the pictures. There is no way to search for the name of the host or for the address of your property.

It behooves you to check for your property because Airbnb is ruining residential communities. There are cars parked all over the streets, loud parties which create bad feelings with neighbors and any number of other problems, not to mention the potential liability and expense.

Most of us have a no-subletting clause in our leases but, according to the Apartment Owners’ Association of So. Cal., we need to put in another clause that expressly mentions that listing with Airbnb, VRBO and other sites of that type is a breach of the Lease Agreement and cause for immediate eviction.

I have spoken with Airbnb about this and their attitude is “too bad.”

I hope this never happens to any of you, but it’s always best to be prepared.


Virginia Colegrove

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