What happened to ‘do no harm?’

To: Kapua Conley, CEO, Fallbrook Hospital

The discontinuation of Cardiac Rehab at Fallbrook is shocking and an extreme disappointment. But, more importantly, this action directly affects the health and even life expectancy of roughly 100 Fallbrook citizens. The Cardiac Rehab program is a lifeline for many; it is accessible, affordable for those on a tight pension income and it is staffed by supremely competent nurses who themselves provide a benefit by their caring presence.

Cardiac Rehab at Fallbrook provides Phase II services to persons who can’t go to Temecula or Escondido or have services not covered by their insurances at those locations. No other facility in Fallbrook provides Phase III services with health services personnel present. Your action literally dumps these people out on the street.

We, the patients, feel that you should reconsider your action. If we had more information on the basis for your determination, it is possible that we could help solve the problem you are attempting to resolve. For instance, has any campaign been suggested or designed to market the services of Cardiac Rehab (much like the campaign to sustain our emergency room)?

We’d be pleased to meet with you to discuss any and all aspects of the prospective discontinuation of this essential hospital function.

John Watson and 41 other patients (on file, Village News)

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