What’s worse

…having a town hall meeting where no one shows up, as was the case with Assemblymember Marie Waldron on Feb. 5 or trying to have a town hall meeting where the politician refuses to show up? This is the case with our representative congressman Duncan Hunter. For two months, he has been stonewalling coming to Fallbrook.

Politicians are not royalty but are servants of the people. They need to meet with us, bring us up to date on government issues and provide a forum where they can answer our questions and concerns.

If you are not a member of the “I’m too busy, don’t bother me” crowd, then please help me get Congressman Duncan Hunter to Fallbrook by calling his Washington, DC office at (202) 225-5672.

I have asked the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce to team up with me. If we all try, maybe we can get the congressman to come cheerfully, rather than kicking and screaming.

George Mavrik.

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