What’s wrong with this picture?

Back in November, I noticed an area void of landscape – and actually full of weeds. I contacted the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance and explained I was willing to fund this landscape project that is in a highly visible part of Fallbrook. I met with a representative in late November where a plan was discussed. The representative was confident additional donations could be sought from local nurseries. It’s now April and after leaving many messages, I have not been able to get my calls returned. I would still fund the landscape project providing someone calls me back.

Recently, I contacted the AAUW offering to sponsor the printing of maps for its garden tour. After speaking with their representative, I was promised a return call. No call was ever received.  The professional printing of their maps would have certainly contributed to their bottom line. Perhaps sales of their tickets were so robust, they felt this contribution was not necessary? 

 In these economically challenged times, I find it odd that two locally-based organizations would not take advantage of these rather generous offers.


 Robert Supalla

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  1. FDA   April 26, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    You should try to make such generous donations to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary! They are always writing letters about needing money and donations! I bet they would return your phone calls!


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