Angels are ‘proud as peacocks’ at 36th annual luncheon meeting

FALLBROOK – “Proud as peacocks” was the theme of the 36th annual luncheon meeting of the Angel Society of Fallbrook held on May 23 at Pala Mesa Resort.

The luncheon was attended by some 200 members of the philanthropic organization and also featured a fashion show, silent auction and raffle, with sales of jewelry, linens, designer clothing and other “treasures.”

President Kathryn Kopitzke also presented a special “Volunteer of 2014” award to Elizabeth Glover, who has been a member of the organization since 2002. Glover, who has also recruited several other volunteers over the years, is known for her philanthropic efforts among the homeless in Fallbrook and Escondido.

In her message to members, Kopitzke noted several highlights over the past year, including an increase in monetary support for many community projects for schools, youth activities, adult needs, music and the arts, and high school scholarships. The board recently voted to increase the number of college scholarships to be awarded this June. Six seniors will each receive $3,000 scholarships for a total of $18,000.

In an effort to reduce waste and increase support for the needy, the Angel Society has also partnered with the San Diego Rescue Mission, which collects such items as old, unusable appliances, recyclable plastics, overstocked and out-of-season clothing. The Rescue Mission then transports these surplus items to their facilities in San Diego, which provides funds for housing, meals, education, work training and more for the needy.

“So very little goes into our dumpster and nothing is really wasted,” said Kopitzke, who said the group is especially grateful for donations from the community. “Our back room is a continuing hum of activity in keeping the upstairs and downstairs shelves and hangers filled with up-to-date merchandise. We are proud to be a valuable resource center.”

Lila Sandschulte, second vice president of philanthropy, also reported that charitable giving over the last fiscal year totaled $131,450, “the largest amount we’ve ever recorded [in one year],” Sandschulte said. “We appreciate those of you who have volunteered so many hours at the shop. You should be proud of the amount we were able to give.” Total charitable giving from the society’s inception in June 1978 through April 2014 is $3,184,019.

In addition, the Angels contributed recycled goods valued at $114,803 to more than 14 different organizations including Emanuel Faith Church, Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, Interfaith Community Services, Lions Club (582 pairs of eyeglasses for redistribution); North County Solutions for Change (650 books plus miscellany); San Diego Rescue Mission (2,829 bags of clothing, 1556 boxes of housewares, nine bins of cardboard, plus furniture, electronics and miscellany); USMC (30 boxes of books for MCRD library); USMC (10 bags of toys, 52 gowns, accessories, uniforms); Women’s Resource Center (18 boxes toiletries); and other items to the Boys & Girls Club, Rally for Children, Senior Care, Arts in the Park, local churches and schools, and more.

Alex Wilson, treasurer, also reported that the Angels refinanced their building and were able to reduce their mortgage by more $53,000 during its last fiscal year from May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014. The organization raises funds through the operation of The Angel Shop, a two-story building on Main in downtown Fallbrook.

“It’s not going to be very long before the Angels own their own building,” Wilson said.

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