Fallbrook Woman’s Club raises funds with a decadent lunch and a hysterical play

On May 3, the Fallbrook Woman’s Club Carriage Players presented their fifth annual mystery luncheon, performing “The Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane” at their clubhouse. A full capacity crowd of 96 spectators enjoyed the comedic drama as well as a delicious chicken lunch.

The background of the story was told by Debbie Zumwalt as Elaine, the deceased housewife who was found dead from a blow to the head. Made up as a ghost wearing the apron her husband picked out for her, she provided a running a commentary throughout each housewife’s account of her own interactions with Elaine.

All the other housewives are suspects because they did not like Elaine and they all had unpleasant experiences with her. In a gathering to compare notes and “get their stories straight,” each character in turn told her story, mostly as dramatic monologues. The cast was one member short as Ayn Bryant, who was to play Jeannette, a harried, worn out grandmother, was ill and unable to perform.

At the end of the play the audience members cast votes for who they thought was responsible for Elaine’s death. One of the 17 people who guessed correctly won a gift basket. Door prize tickets were then drawn for the centerpieces – buckets of cleaning supplies that the housewives would use on Hysteria Lane.

The luncheon and dessert (a variety of bite-size cheesecake squares) were prepared and served by other members of the Fallbrook Woman’s Club so the fundraiser was a group effort. All proceeds go to the club’s philanthropic and scholarship funds.

Any group wanting to hire the Carriage Players for a performance can contact Zumwalt at (760) 728-4674 or [email protected]

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