National Charity League supports Baby Expo 2014 – Giant baby shower for military families on Camp Pendleton

CAMP PENDLETON – On Saturday, Feb. 3, Ticktockers and Patronesses from National Charity League (NCL) San Luis Rey chapter joined several other chapters from San Diego and Riverside counties to say “thank you” to military families by throwing them a giant baby shower.

Just like last year, NCL members chose to work with Military Outreach Ministries (MOM), a nonprofit organization helping deserving military families at Camp Pendleton. All 250 military families attending this event either recently had a baby or will very soon.

Military families living on base come from “Across America,” which was this year’s theme and 13 Southern California NCL chapters represented cities and states from our nation.

The Del Sol chapter from San Diego and Fallbrook’s San Luis Rey chapter represented New York City and distributed 250 packages of diapers collected by members.

NCL members handed out the diapers in front of a backdrop of New York City skyline made from butcher paper taped on a wall of empty diaper boxes. The Ticktockers took pictures of the families in front of the Chrysler building and other famous landmarks and posted on the MOM website.

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