Cool cats can be found at the FAS

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FALLBROOK – Sheet metal, even with its shiny exterior, is not particularly attractive, but cold air blowing through sheet metal ducts into a hot warehouse has been drawing sighs of contentment from the feline residents of the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary’s (FAS) catteries.

It’s true. After five years of scorching hot summer temperatures air conditioning is a reality at the FAS!

A fundraising campaign was started in early spring 2016 and, following months of delays, a five-ton air conditioning and heating system was finally installed and is fully operational. Along the way, Kim Steele and her real estate crew hosted one big fundraiser; there was an on-line “crowd funding” fundraiser; Patty Abruzzo donated a Lennox air conditioner, and finally there was a Pay Pal fundraiser generating enough money to make the installation happen.

When the cold air started flowing the felines began the real enjoyment of contentment. Purr-fect was the word of the day.

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  1. DeAnne   November 16, 2016 at 7:19 am

    Thank you to the generous people who helped to raise the funds for this project. The Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary is a special place in our community that cares for pets that deserve to be provided with loving care. Many would otherwise be homeless or euthanized. Please consider adopting a pet or volunteering to help care for those that have been brought to FAS, a very special local sanctuary for many dogs and cats.


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