Arbor Day brings volunteers together

FALLBROOK – On April 26, Fallbrook volunteers celebrated Arbor Day by planting 25 small redbud trees on the South Mission Road entrance to Fallbrook. Organized by the Save Our Forest branch of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy, it was a true showing of how volunteerism works in Fallbrook.

First came the help of the Fallbrook Chamber’s Honorary Mayor, Martin Quiroz. He was able to recruit three young strong Marines to come and help. And what a help they were! The bank that was planted was heavy clay, dry and hard. They manhandled the augur along with Russ Heyneman on one of the handles. Normally a two man machine, it took four to control the machine to do the intended auguring.

Other volunteer groups that came to help the SOF members were from the Fallbrook Garden Club, more Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce members, and the annual Rotarians-at-Work Day. Their volunteer help, using pick axes to get through the untilled soil, made it all really come together.

For 20 years the Save Our Forest group has been planting and caring for trees in Fallbrook with nearing 2,700 in the town area alone. Some emphasis has been on providing visual interest at the various entrances to Fallbrook.

Those 20 years have taken its toll on the volunteer base. Jackie Heyneman said, “volunteering for our community is a wonderful act of giving” and she invites all to come out to volunteer and fill some maintenance crews as Fallbrook, an unincorporated community, needs volunteerism to fill many community needs.

Residents can go to the Chamber website,, click on community, then click on volunteer opportunities to find information about volunteering for Save Our Forest and other entities that need help.

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