Assessment review deadline extended

SAN DIEGO – San Diego County has 981,829 taxable parcels of property – second most of California’s 58 counties. “Appeals and assessment reviews are received from less than one percent of parcels in the county,” said San Diego County assessor Ernie Dronenburg. “But by extending the request deadline we want to make sure any owner that thinks they need a review gets that opportunity.”

The deadline for requesting a review of a property owner’s assessed value was set to lapse on April 30 at 5 p.m. Dronenburg extended the review request period to May 16.

“Only 299 property owners have asked for a review of their 2014 property values since we started accepting requests last December. We believe this is because the county real estate market is growing dramatically,” said Assessor Dronenburg. “But we wanted to make sure everyone knew about the review process so I have extended the time period by two more weeks.”

The application for an Assessment Review can be submitted online at

Property owners, who believe their property’s market value as of Jan. 1, 2014 has dropped below its current assessed value, can file an application online to request the Assessor to review their property’s assessment before this year’s bill is issued. As an indication of their current assessed value, an owner can

reference the assessed value on their 2013-2014 tax bill.

Dronenburg also wants to remind the over 200,000 taxpayers who were granted a reduction last year that they need not apply again this year as their assessed value will automatically be reviewed.

Dronenburg concluded, “If you are online challenged and would like the paper version of the application form, you can call our help number at my office (858-505-6262) and a form will be mailed to you. However, don’t delay because the May 16, 2014 date will not be extended again.”

All taxpayers who apply will be notified of the results of their request in July. If the owner disagrees with the decision, they can file a formal appeal with the county Assessment Appeals Board. The appeal should be sent to the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board between July 2 and Dec. 1.

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