LAFCO reaffirms CSA No. 81 sphere of influence

San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission voted 8-0 April 8 to update the municipal service reviews and reaffirm the spheres of influence for the county’s four county service areas covering parks and recreation, including County Service Area No. 81.

The sphere of influence update study indicated that no information or jurisdictional changes would warrant a sphere change for any of the four county service areas covering parks and recreation.

A municipal service review evaluates services and anticipated needs. A sphere of influence study determines boundaries best served by a particular agency. Updates to both the municipal service review and the sphere of influence are prerequisites to any boundary change including an annexation or consolidation, and LAFCO also periodically conducts sphere of influence updates for all districts.

County Service Area No. 81 was formed in 1976 and covers parks in Fallbrook, DeLuz, and Rainbow. CSA No. 81 derives some of its funding from a share of property tax revenue, and Park Land Dedication Ordinance fees paid by developers to fund park facilities in the development’s community fund many capital improvements. (PLDO fees can only be used for active recreation parks and not for open space or trails. The fees can be used for acquisition of land but not for maintenance or operations, and they can be used for replacement of playground equipment or other renovations but not for restoration of historic structures.) According to 2010 population figures, 45,859 people live within the boundaries of CSA No. 81.

County service areas are dependent special districts; the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is the actual governing body. CSAs have local advisory boards; CSA No. 81 has a seven-member advisory board. All services for CSA No. 81 are administered by the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

As part of the proceedings for Fallbrook’s 1988 incorporation election (which failed at the ballot box), LAFCO prepared a sphere of influence for CSA No. 81 in December 1987. That sphere of influence study established the 172 square mile area of the district as the sphere of influence. A 2007 sphere of influence review confirmed the sphere of influence identical to the district boundaries.

The other three county service areas covering parks and recreation are in Rancho San Diego (CSA No. 26), San Dieguito (CSA No. 83), and Spring Valley (CSA No. 128).

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