Planning Commission recommends zoning modifications for Rocky Crest and S. Mission, Aviation and Old Stage parcels

The county’s planning commission recommended a change in zoning designators for two Fallbrook properties.

The Planning Commission’s 5-0 vote Feb. 28, with Michael Beck absent and one vacancy, recommended that a parcel at the southwest corner of Rocky Crest Road and South Mission Road be rezoned to allow for residential as well as commercial use and that three legal parcels which comprise a site at the northwest corner of East Aviation Road and Old Stage Road be given a more flexible building designator to allow the same number of units but without the likely need to subdivide the property. Approval from the San Diego Board of Supervisors is necessary for any rezone, and the Planning Commission’s recommendation will likely be ratified by the county supervisors later this year.

“It’s what we wanted,” said Lee and Associates principal Patrick Miller, who represented Chaffin Inc., owner of a parcel at Rocky Crest Road and South Mission Road.

The zoning changes were part of a “clean-up” action in which county Department of Planning and Development Services staff reviewed properties for consistency with the updated general plan. No objections to any of the 44 parcels recommended by the Planning Commission for zoning changes were provided. The changes involved use regulations, lot sizes, and building types rather than any increase in the number of units allowed.

The Chaffin Inc. property currently has an “W” building designator which does not allow for residential uses, although the property’s C34 General Commercial Residential zoning is intended for mixed commercial-residential developments and general retail and residential uses are both permitted. (Uses on C34 parcels are generally required to be enclosed within buildings, although outdoor uses may be allowed by a use permit.) An “L” designator allows for both attached-unit and detached-unit residential use as well as mixed use and non-residential use.

The property at East Aviation Road and Old Stage Road has RV, or Variable Family Residential, zoning with a density of 15 dwelling units per acre. Its current “F” designator allows for one single-detached or semi-detached unit per lot, two duplex or double-detached units on the same lot, or stacked residential on the same lot while also allowing for limited non-residential mixed use and for detached or attached non-residential use.

A “K” designator does not allow for non-residential use but allows for triplex use on the same lot, three to eight attached dwelling units on separate lots, and multi-dwelling units on the same lot. The “F” designator would require a subdivision to obtain the property’s full density yield while a “K” designator could allow for other patterns of development which may not require a subdivision. An entity called Fallbrook Village Aviation, LLC, owns the three parcels at East Aviation Road and Old Stage Road.

3 Responses to "Planning Commission recommends zoning modifications for Rocky Crest and S. Mission, Aviation and Old Stage parcels"

  1. ZZZ   March 13, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    I see nothing about who is going to take care of the road, Rocky Crest. It’s a mess all the time with potholes. All the water trucks (semi’s) going to the FPUD leased property (from Camp P), along with the Camp P short-cut, it has a high volume of daily traffic.

    It needs to be completely torn up, re-graded and paved, but most of all, maintained. Being unincorporated has it’s set backs, but we do pay our taxes!!

  2. Dale Birmingham   March 21, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    I agree with ZZZ above. Rocky Crest is a total mess and has been for a very long time. Why hasn’t this heavily used traffic ridden road been repaired already? We do pay tons in taxes so fix the road or prepare for more protesting on this board. Show me the money!

  3. Lee   March 23, 2014 at 10:06 pm


    If only this were a REAL democracy where WE, THE PEOPLE call the shots, where WE decide what happens by VOTING on things DIRECTLY, you know, in a . . . referendum.

    Oh well. These days, a referendum is a bad thing . . . even denounced by our president and government.


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