Sun Realty – Fallbrook’s hometown specialists

The ability of a real estate broker to serve a wide variety of clientele is important when it comes to buying and selling properties. Sun Realty prides itself on being hometown specialists.

Owner Roy Moosa has been involved in the real estate market for years, starting with his first home purchase while in college. Buying and selling became more frequent for Moosa, and he decided to obtain his own license. Sun Realty has been open since 1995, and in its location on Main Avenue since 2005.

Although the Fallbrook area is Moosa’s main focus, he does help clients buying and selling real estate throughout California. Transactions include residential, commercial and bare land.

Being a long-time resident of Fallbrook, Moosa has very strong familiarity with the town, and emphasizes that his office creates a family-like atmosphere, which many large real estate firms have a hard time offering.

The Sun Realty team makes sure that the client’s objectives are understood in detail, and provides continual current data about the market. Pre-qualifying is also a service that Sun Realty offers, so potential buyers can ascertain what they can afford. Many of Moosa’s clients are now friends, due to the personal care that Sun Realty provides.

“The most important factor in salesmanship is what people know you for,” said Moosa.

When asked about the current market, Moosa said, “There is definitely more activity and it is busier, so one might as well take advantage of riding the wave right now, but should also have an awareness about the bubble possibly bursting.” He said that his business is plodding along as many companies are in this economy, and really emphasized that being in business is not just about making a profit, but also participating in the community.

“If you want a successful business, you have to be involved in your community,” he said.

Moosa said that in his opinion, Fallbrook tends to be too individualistic.

“Teamwork is what is missing. If we don’t work together as a whole, we are soon going to be alone,” said Moosa.

In reference to the potential growth along the eastern border of Fallbrook, in the Interstate 15 corridor, he said, “It could become a city which draws people away from Fallbrook, if collaborative efforts to revitalize our own community are not done soon. No one group can survive alone.”

“The Fallbrook Revitalization Committee (of which Moosa is the chair) can be that connection that this town needs,” he explained. “We can no longer afford to just listen, but need to be proactive as well and resolve issues.” Moosa said that a letter is in the works to contact various Fallbrook apartment owners, many who do not live in town, in regards to safety concerns with their buildings. Moosa also said it is important for local residents to understand the current financial crisis being experienced by Fallbrook Hospital and potential ramifications.

Moosa said the committee hopes to provide more encouragement of special events in Fallbrook in order to bring more tourism to this friendly, small town.

Moosa is also president of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club and an elected board member on the Fallbrook Community Planning Group. In addition to professional real estate services, Moosa also offers tax preparation and vehicle sales.

Sun Realty is located at 431 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook. For more information, call (760) 728-8323, or email [email protected]

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