Supervisors approve time extension for Catherine Road subdivision

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors granted a time extension to complete infrastructure associated with a planned 13-home subdivision along Catherine Road in Morro Hills.

The supervisors’ 4-0 vote February 15 with Ron Roberts in Washington, DC, extends the deadline for G-Three, LLC, to complete the infrastructure until Feb. 15, 2019. The agreements cover completion of the road, water, sewer, and other infrastructure improvements but do not require completion of the homes or other lot improvements themselves by the deadline. The supervisors’ action also approved a change in the holding company for the title.

The 29.78-acre subdivision is located on Catherine Road about 950 feet east of Sleeping Indian Road and 1,300 feet south of Puerta De Lomas. The Board of Supervisors approved the final map for the project, along with an agreement to provide security for the infrastructure and for payment of labor and materials used to build that infrastructure, in September 1998. The security agreement utilized a lien contract which included transfer of the title to a holding company.

If a property owner utilizes a lien contract instead of security bonds, the ownership cannot sell individual lots or obtain any permits to develop the subdivision until the lien contract is replaced by a bond, a cash deposit, or a letter of credit. The property is transferred to a holding company until the Board of Supervisors approves the replacement of the lien contract with acceptable security. The estimated cost of the infrastructure improvements is currently $628,900.

Improvements identified in a secured agreement are required to be completed within two years of the approval of the final map, although if circumstances prevent the improvements from being completed by the agreement’s expiration, additional time may be requested to complete the infrastructure. The county’s Department of Public Works reviews existing agreements and their bonding requirements to determine if time extensions are warranted.

The first two-year time extension may be approved administratively, although subsequent time extensions require Board of Supervisors approval. If an application for a time extension is filed prior to its expiration, the owner is not in default if the extension is granted. Extensions for the completion of the Catherine Road development improvements were granted in September 2000, July 2002, February 2004, December 2006, October 2008, December 2010, and October 2012. The February 2004 time extension also included a substitution of parties.

The most recent agreement replaces Bank of America with First American Trust as the holding company.

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