Damage assessments begin from fires in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO – The County of San Diego is reporting some preliminary damage assessment figures for the unincorporated area, stemming from the Cocos Fire.

*A total of 11 single family homes were destroyed. In addition, 25 structures were destroyed at the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association.

*Two homes were also damaged.

The tallies are based on damage assessment done Friday, May 16 by combined teams from the County of San Diego and CAL FIRE.

In addition, the City of San Marcos has reported the loss of one single family home.

The City of Carlsbad has advised of the following damage and losses:

·8 single family homes were destroyed or incurred substantial damage

·3 single family homes sustained minor damage

·1 multi-family 18-unit apartment building was destroyed

·1 multi-family 18-unit apartment building incurred considerable damage

·2 commercial buildings destroyed/substantially damaged

·1 modular building was destroyed

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