A bit of wine, food and art make for a fun walk

Chamber ambassador Julia Routh, stationed at CR Properties, is in charge of pouring wine from The Vineyard at 1924. Lucette Moramarco photos

The Wine & a Bite Art Walk is run by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce to promote Fallbrook. While the businesses involved are all located downtown, the restaurants who provide the bites and the wineries that bring the wine are located all over Fallbrook.

Being a town with many artists, the event also includes local painters, sculptors, musicians and jewelry makers. Many other people play a role in the success of this chamber fundraiser. The June 16 event sold 125 tickets.

The walk starts at the chamber office at 111 S. Main Avenue (next to the Fallbrook Art Center at Alvarado Street). Volunteers at the chamber present ticket holders with a gift bag that contains food tickets, wine cards, a wine glass imprinted with the Wine & a Bite logo, and a program listing information for each location on the tour map.

A friendly chamber ambassador gives out paper bracelets identifying walk participants and other chamber ambassadors serve as “security” at the entrance of each stop. Along the walk, visitors meet the owners and employees of each business who help serve food and wine.

While there are a few solitary walkers, most people participating travel in pairs or groups (which makes it more fun). They get to meet new people in addition to trying new foods, new wines and seeing different kinds of art, not to mention having the chance to talk to the artists and to become more familiar with the downtown area.

Sometimes, a little bit of news is thrown in for good measure. The food at Bean & Bug Coffee Lounge provided a preview of the cuisine that will be offered at Brooktown Fusion Kitchen, a new restaurant located next to Bean & Bug. Brooktown Fusion Kitchen is expected to open in a few weeks.

Chef Seana Martin of Brooktown Fusion Kitchen served a Cuban dish called “ropa vieja”, which means torn clothes. The slow-cooked beef is “torn”, cooked in a lightly spiced tomato-based sauce and served with black beans and rice in recycled bamboo bowls.

The walk also provides a chance to learn a little local history. The owners of Toasted Oak Winery explained the name of their winery, saying that when they bought the property on Red Mountain Lane after the 2007 wild fire, the only surviving plant life was an oak tree that had been toasted by the fire.

The next chance to enjoy a walk through downtown with stops for wine, a bite and some art is July 14. For more information, visit www.fallbrookchamber.org.

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