Catering a holiday dinner or party is a snap with Brother’s Bistro

Catering a holiday party doesn’t have to be a headache because the local husband and wife team of Ron and Dee Nusser of Brother’s Bistro have been catering for 30 years and are ready to help you with your next party or dinner.

There are benefits to having a party catered, Dee noted, “Knowing food safety is very important.” She also mentioned that doing it on your own usually “takes longer than you think and costs more than you think.”

For parties there is a minimum of 15 guests and a maximum of 200. The servers, as well as the chefs and bartenders, report to events in crisp uniforms and embroidered aprons.

The catered parties are “full service,” with the food delivered, served and cleared. After the event they will even take away the trash and mop the floors.

“When you wake up the next morning, it will look like you never had a party,” Dee commented.

Should you choose to have valet parking, Brother’s Bistro will bring in Marines from Camp Pendleton.

“People are hesitant to hand over their car keys to just anyone,” Dee mentioned. She said that the presence of the Marines instills trust.

Brother’s Bistro is also very flexible when it comes to menu items. “If you have a favorite food, we can accommodate you,” Dee mentioned. “We also offer Mediterranean and Moroccan food – not just Italian.”

For Thanksgiving Day, (with at least one week’s notice), Brother’s Bistro offers two options. A “Full Thanksgiving to Go,” with a whole 18-pound turkey and side dishes is one option. They offer a variety of stuffing types – cornbread or sausage. Squash rings, sweet potatoes, green beans almondine, mashed potatoes, and streusel are only a few of the side dish offerings.

“The side dishes are all homemade,” said Dee, “nothing is out of a jar – it is just like grandma’s dinner – made with the best ingredients.”

“We never use frozen vegetables,” Dee commented, “our freezer is the size of a home freezer.”

The second option for Thanksgiving Day is to sit down to a home-cooked dinner at Brother’s Bistro restaurant, served from 3 to 8 p.m.

The Blue Claw Crab Cakes are just one of the delicious offerings at both the restaurant and the catering service. They are homemade, packed with meat and saut

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