Choosing the right restaurant for a dinner party

NORTH COUNTY – Getting together with family and friends for a good meal is a great opportunity to reconnect and share a few laughs. Though many gatherings take place at private homes, today’s busy adults are increasingly turning to restaurants to host their mini reunions.

Restaurants don’t require hosts and guests to wash any dishes, and hosts won’t have to find time to clean their homes top to bottom like they would if they were to have a party at home.

Such a reality makes a dinner party at a local restaurant a lot less stressful for the hosts. There are a number of things to emphasize when looking for the right restaurant to host the next dinner party.


Whether entertaining family and friends or a business dinner, the restaurant where you will be gathering should be easily accessible to all people who plan to attend. A centrally-located restaurant that’s only a short drive for guests and hosts alike is ideal, as it cuts back on the time people will spend driving to and from the restaurant. Try to accommodate those guests who don’t drive by choosing a restaurant that’s an affordable choice for those using a taxi.


Perhaps the only downside to hosting a dinner party at a restaurant is that such gatherings tend to be more expensive than parties at private residences. Hosts should first determine who will be paying the bill. If everyone has agreed to pay their own portion of the bill, this provides a little more flexibility when choosing a restaurant. If you, as the host, intend to pick up the tab for everyone, then you might want to find a nice restaurant with prices suitable for you. If each guest intends to pay for his or her own meal, discuss with guests how much they would like to spend before making a reservation. Once you have an idea of what everyone is willing to spend, you can start to narrow down your options.


The menu is an important thing for hosts to consider when choosing a restaurant for their next dinner party. Many men and women adhere to certain diets or lifestyles that restrict what they can and cannot eat, and you will want to find a restaurant that can cater to as many of your guests’ needs as possible. Discuss any dietary restrictions with your guests before you begin the process of finding a restaurant. If the responses are slow to come in, you can still go ahead with your search, but look for restaurants that offer vegetarian and gluten-free fare.

When examining the menu, take into consideration any offerings for kids if any guests are planning to bring their children along.

A dinner party at a restaurant with family, friends or even professional colleagues often makes for an enjoyable evening for guests and hosts alike. But hosts must consider several factors before ultimately choosing where they and their guests will dine.

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  1. Dee Nusser   September 5, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    As a 25 year expert on hosting gatherings and parties, I wanted to throw in my .02 cents. Although, a pretty good article, there was just so much missing, in my opinion.

    Hosting a gathering at a restaurant, can actually save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

    Why? Most gatherings last for 3-4 hours. If you have a party at a restaurant, during their normal open hours (which are usually very generous, such as 11:30 am until 9:30 pm) You won’t have to pay for bartenders/servers/bussers/dishwashers or wait staff. They are included.
    However, when you are hosting a gathering at your home, the catering company, needs to relocate and pack up many items for your party. They also then need to unpack these items that were used for your party. Normally, a party at your home, will increase the hours needed to pack, unpack, pack again and then unpack at the catering facility by many hours. Most (off-site parties, require 8-9 hours of each employees time) which you will have to pay for.

    If you have a gathering of 40 people, you will save $400.00 for employee costs alone. Not to mention liability and insurance, electricity, water and gas, and maybe even valets if you live in a hilly area, such as many Fallbrookians do.

    You will save well over another $300.00 by not having to rent tables, dishes, table linens, napkins, chairs, serving utensils, chaffers, fuel, and eating utensils.
    A restaurant will already have these items on hand, so you won’t have to rent them.

    As this article mentions,


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