Fallbrook Senior Center offers flavorful meals for everyone

Anyone looking for an affordable yet nutritious meal in Fallbrook will find one in the Fallbrook Senior Center’s lunch served Monday through Friday (except on holidays) at the Fallbrook Community Center. The meal is available from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and always starts with a salad bar.

A variety of toppings for the greens includes raw broccoli, three-bean salad, sliced beets, cherry tomatoes and pickles as well as croutons, sunflower seeds and four kinds of dressing. Slices of French bread are also available at the salad bar while a choice of drinks is on a cart – water, milk, or orange juice and coffee at the counter.

John Star, a Fallbrook resident since 1964, said he hasn’t had a bad meal yet at the center and “nobody can complain about the salads because they make them themselves.”

A hot lunch is then served; the filled plates carried to each table by volunteers. The day I went, March 6, the entr

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