Greek Style Chicken – a culinary journey to Athens!

Take a culinary journey to Athens with a meal enjoyed at Greek Style Chicken. Now celebrating their eleventh year in business, the restaurant has developed a reputation for authentic and delicious Greek food.

Imagine yourself relaxing at a crowded sidewalk café on some twisty side street in Athens savoring a meal of rotisserie prepared lamb slathered with thick tzatziki sauce. You stab the lamb with the fork and a bit of the sauce drips to a piece of charbroiled chicken. What you don’t know is that this chicken had been marinating for two days in special spices, then baked, and finally broiled over an open fire. The above description is exactly how the lamb, as well as the chicken, is prepared at Greek Chicken.

Owner Irene Kritikos-Brown is adept at blending tzatziki sauce – the same kind that she made in her native Athens. This sauce rivals any I have sampled in Greece. In fact, it was so good that I unconventionally used it as a dipping sauce for their delicious fried zucchini and onion rings.

What makes that tzatziki sauce so special? The secret is “Mama Irene’s” house-made Greek yogurt to which she adds ground cucumbers and garlic. It is sweeter and thicker than most tzatziki sauces I have tasted in America.

Greek Chicken’s “Gyro Sandwich” is packed with thin slices of rotisserie lamb, red onions and tomatoes on a warm slice of pita bread. It is marvelous on its own, but the tzatziki sauce punches it up. I recommend an extra order of tzatziki sauce; you might want to use it for a dipping sauce.

Top off your meal with traditional baklava with layers of flaky filo saturated with honey. Sit under the Acropolis, a mural painted by Laura Jonason, and imagine the warm breezes of Athens.

Find Greek Style Chicken at 904 S. Main Ave. in Fallbrook, Calif. Their telephone number is: (760) 723-8050.

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