Just in time for summer – KFC debuts refreshing smoothies and tender, boneless chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is part of my food heritage. When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, our family would take vacations on our sailboat; and when we docked at our home berth my Grandpa Taylor would always be waiting for us with a bucket of hot Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now, when I bite into a piece of their chicken it takes me back in my mind to those wonderful times.

I think you have to look pretty hard to find someone in America who has never heard of KFC. Founded by Harland Sanders, who took the name, “Colonel Sanders,” the first franchise was opened in 1952. The Fallbrook franchise is owned by Chris Miller; and before he purchased it a year ago, it was owned by his father, who bought the franchise in 2002. Miller has a great crew including the general manager, Fernando Gonzalez.

I’ve liked the Fallbrook KFC ever since I made this community my home 13 years ago. I appreciate the fact that the food is consistent. It is also reassuring to visit a “drive-through” and know that what I ordered is really what I have hiding in my bag. Also, it’s nice to be able to order food that I might make at home, but won’t, because I would rather eat out – food such as sweet corn, green beans or mashed potatoes. Then there’s the chicken. I am an “Original Recipe” person, which is why I especially enjoy the new “Original Recipe Boneless Skinless Chicken,” that is filleted off the bone and is available in both white and dark meat.

This chicken is tender – not as juicy as the “bone-in” chicken, but it’s fried chicken without the mess – perfect for busy people because it’s easy to eat. I liked the flavor because they use the “Original Recipe” seasoning. The taste of pepper is evident, but the other ingredients remain a KFC mystery.

Island Oasis Smoothie drinks are also a fairly new offering and are available in mocha, strawberry, strawberry/banana and mango flavors. They are all refreshing and flavorful. The smoothies are made with fruit and fruit juices blended with ice. When I think of a smoothie, I usually envision something make with milk or iced cream, but these drinks are made with just ice, natural fruit juice and fruit – a combination that creates a delicious, light flavor. My favorite is the mocha and anyone who loves the coffee/chocolate combination will enjoy it.

KFC has not forgotten the children. For the younger crowd, they offer a mini bucket called the “Li’l Bucket” that is served with applesauce, Capri Sun drink, a choice of a protein item, and choice of side dish.

A catering business has also been launched, with food that, “holds up well at parties,” according to Chris Miller.

When you visit KFC of Fallbrook – and bite into a juicy piece of chicken – who knows – maybe it will conjure up some fantastic memories!

Kentucky Fried Chicken of Fallbrook (KFC) is located at 1077 S. Mission Rd. The store number is (760) 728-1767 and the catering number is (760) 212-1232. Further info and catering menu can be found at www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org/business-search/Kentucky-Fried-Chicken_LN238.html.

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