Stave off the heat with refreshing yogurt from Bailey’s Frozen Yogurt in River Village!

We’re heading into the hotter months and what better way to stave off the heat than with a cool, refreshing taste of frozen yogurt. Bailey’s Frozen Yogurt, owned by Mark Bailey, is the new kid on the block and starting strong. Located in Bonsall’s River Village, the establishment served its first swirl of yogurt last October.

There is a light and joyful ambiance in the cozy shop. The music that plays unobtrusively is of the contemporary Christian genre; and the yogurt that is served is premium and tasty.

Mark Bailey, shop proprietor, moved to the area from Los Angeles where he has worked in the film industry twelve years as a transportation coordinator. He is still working in that capacity, but now only travels up north about five days a month.

“I moved here and I just fell in love with the area,” Bailey explained. “I tried to find a way that I could live and work here and not go up to LA anymore.”

Bailey has a success credo he follows: People, Product, Process. People come first. Bailey feels that if his employees have a great time doing their jobs, then the customers will have a great experience.

He stocks his shop with only premium products. As far as process goes, he is working on the process of attracting more customers to his shop.

Bailey enjoys his yogurt business and that enthusiasm is contagious. “Working in a yogurt shop is an uplifting experience; and working for something you believe in is rewarding,” he explained.

The reason that Bailey’s uses a premium product is that he found it isn’t icy, but smooth and creamy. Also, the premium yogurts possess more intense flavors.

“We guarantee that the yogurt is going to be great!” he exclaimed.

Bailey’s switches flavors occasionally, but they always maintain six flavors and 48 toppings. You can count on the fact that they always offer one sorbet and one flavor that has no sugar added.

Their toppings are fresh – including strawberry, mango, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and strawberry boba. Brownies, gummy bears, and even carob chips are found in the trays.

Bailey’s boasts a special topping that no other yogurt shop carries – sugared almonds – made with a mother’s touch. Bailey’s mother sugars slivered almonds, then saut

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  1. yummy   April 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Tried the yogurt out at Baileys, and it was de-lish! Nice staff as well. I’ll be back.


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