The secret to savory food at Dominick’s Deli? Family recipes from Italy!

Steam rises from hot spaghetti adorned with one very large meatball. As I pierce the meatball with a fork, it breaks into tender and moist pieces. As I twirl the spaghetti around it, the scent of a rich blend of tomato, herbs and cheese is tantalizing. This savory dish, akin to what one may find in Italy, is found at both locations of Dominick’s Deli in Fallbrook.

The official name of the establishment is: “Dominick’s Sandwiches and Italian Delicatessen.” However, many nicknames exist, and right now the names that are bantered about are simple: “Dom’s on Main” and “Dom’s on Mission.” Whatever name you prefer to call these two restaurants, be assured that the food will be consistent

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