Sheriff’s Log

October 4  
400 block Ammunition Rd. Vandalism
October 7  
1100 block S. Vine St. Missing juvenile/runaway
300 block E. Alvarado St. Found narcotic, narcotic seizure
2600 block Via Rancheros Domestic violence incident
October 8  
3100 S. Old Highway 395 5150/Mental disorder
October 9  
3000 block Dos Lomas Arrest: Battery
1600 block Calmin Dr. Death (coroner’s case)
S. Mission Rd. @ Winter Haven Rd. Driving without valid driver’s license
300 block Morro Hills Rd. Transport/etc. controlled substance
S. Mission Rd. @ Winter Haven Rd. Manufacture/sale/possess/etc. large capacity magazine
October 10  
1000 block S. Mission Rd. Arrest: Felony, carry concealed dirk or dagger
1400 block N. Stage Coach Ln. Miscellaneous incidents
300 block Ammunition Rd. Petty theft
900 block Alturas Rd. Arrest: Failure to obey order of juvenile court
1400 block Alturas Rd. Violate domestic relations court order
800 block S. Main Arrest: Felony robbery
800 block Olive Ave. Found narcotic, narcotic seizure
700 block Iowa St. Annoying repeated phone calls
3200 block Via Almonte Residential burglary
October 11  
2300 block Rainbow Valley Blvd. 5150/mental disorder
100 block E. Kalmia St. Arrest: Felony, residential burglary; attempt or aid arson; obstruct/resist executive officer with minor injury
3400 block Aspen Rd. Found property
3500 block Lake Park Ave. Missing juvenile/runaway
October 12  
1100 block S. Mission Rd. Possess controlled substance
1100 block Old Stage Rd. Possess concentrated cannibas; possess controlled substance
October 13  
300 block Ivy Ln. Arrest: Misdemeanor bench warrant
3100 block Gopher Canyon Rd. Stolen vehicle
1100 block S. Main Petty theft
5100 block Morro Hills Pl. (1) Arrest: Felony, commercial burglary; false personation of another: special circumstances; conspiracy: commit crime; misdemeanor bench warrant; felony warrant
5100 block Morro Hills Pl. (2) Arrest: Felony, commercial burglary; bring controlled substance into prison/jail; conspiracy: commit crime; misdemeanor bench warrant
1600 block S. Mission Rd. Recovery of stolen vehicle
200 block E. Clemmens Ln. Arrest: Felony, residential burglary
600 block E. Alvarado Sell/furnish marijuana/hashish
October 14  
100 block Woodthrush Ln. Arrest: Felony, spousal/cohabitant abuse with serious injury
October 15  
800 block Old Stage Rd. Child abuse incident
1300 block Brooke Crest Ln. Death
200 block Ammunition Rd. Found property
October 16  
1600 block El Nido Dr. Arrest: Violate domestic relations court order

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