Sheriff’s Log April 25, 2013

April 6

4100 block Holly Ln. Stolen vehicle

April 8

2400 block S. Stage Coach Ln. Arrest: Possess narcotics, under influence of narcotics

April 9

700 block Alturas Ln. Assistance needed

April 10

1500 block Green Canyon Rd. Threats (via electronic communication)

3500 block Lancewood Way Residential burglary

300 block W. Ivy Ln. Arrest: Spousal abuse, false imprisonment w/violence, possess unlawful paraphernalia

April 11

400 block W. Clemmens Ln. Runaway juvenile

900 block Morro Rd. Get credit w/other’s ID

3300 block Live Oak Park Rd. Annoy/molest victim under 18

100 block Calle Linda Detained: Vehicle theft (juvenile)

300 block E. Alvarado St. Found ammunition

100 block Amigos Way Petty theft

April 12

500 block Ammunition Rd. Arrest: Drunk in public

1100 block S. Mission Rd. Detained: Drunk in public (juvenile)

2100 block Saffron Way 5150/Mental disorder

1100 block Old Stage Rd. Arrest: Vandalism

500 block Ammunition Rd. Rape (victim unconscious/asleep)

200 block W. Clemmens Ln. Arrest: Spousal abuse w/minor injury

1900 block Gird Rd. Get credit w/other’s ID

300 block E. Alvarado St. Found drugs

April 13

3000 block S. Mission Rd. Obtain money by false pretense

400 block E. Fallbrook St. Stolen vehicle

1300 block Sunny Heights Rd. Spousal abuse

1900 block James Gaynor St. Vehicle burglary

April 14

S. Main Ave. & E. Elder St. Arrest: Drunk in public

600 block DeLuz Rd. Arrest: Drunk in public

Harris Trail @ DeLuz Hts Rd. Found marijuana

1100 block S. Main Ave. Petty theft

W. Aviation Rd. @ S. Wisconsin Ave. Cited: Possess unlawful paraphernalia

April 15

700 block S. Main Ave. Arrest: Possess narcotics, possess unlawful paraphernalia

800 block La Strada Vandalism

1400 block S. Mission Rd. Arrest: Under influence controlled substance

600 block Rice Canyon Rd. Get credit w/other’s ID

N. Old Highway 395 @ Sterlingview Dr. Arrest: Under influence controlled substance, DUI, driving on suspended license

4300 block Fallsbrae Rd. Vandalism

1100 block Alturas Rd. Arrest: Felony warrant

April 16

1700 block Reche Rd. Simple battery

1600 block Dorothea Ave. Sex crime against a child

600 block Ammunition Rd. Missing adult

April 17

600 block E. Elder St. 5150/Mental disorder

500 block W. Beech St. Residential burglary

One Response to "Sheriff’s Log April 25, 2013"

  1. articlesonviolentarrests   May 4, 2013 at 3:26 am

    Why don’t the Sheriff’s ever submit articles about all the rape suspects? The sex crimes against children? Or the false imprisonment with spousal abuse on Ivy lane?? Or the residential burglary? Stolen vehicles??? It would be nice if the Village News and the Sheriff’s station printed an article with mugshots of these arrestees. That way, we would know who is an alleged car thief, robber, rapist, or child molester. Society is way more frightened of a car thief, rapist, robber, or child molester, than someone who smoked a joint or has a mental disorder.


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