Sheriff’s Log February 14, 2013

January 30

500 block Twin Palm Cir. Carry concealed weapon (in vehicle)

January 31

400 block Elbrook Dr. Possess narcotics

February 1

500 block S. Live Oak Park Rd. Residential burglary

2500 block Yesteryear Ln. Child abuse

February 3

1600 block E. Mission Rd. Commercial burglary

4100 block Pinehurst Ct. 5150/mental disorder

4000 block Ramona Dr. Vehicle burglary

February 4

31900 block Del Cielo Este Attempted suicide

1000 block Riverview Dr. Stolen vehicle

1200 block S. Mission Rd. Shoplifting

3500 block Monserate Hill Rd. Petty theft; conspiracy

31900 block Del Cielo Este Annoy minor

1100 block S. Mission Rd. Shoplifting

500 block Golden Rd. Found property

31900 block Del Cielo Este Grand theft

1400 block Alturas Rd. Runaway juvenile

1400 block Alturas Rd. 5150/mental disorder

5500 block Rainbow Creek Rd. 5150/mental disorder

100 block S. Mission Rd. Battery w/bodily injury

4500 block La Canada Rd. Residential burglary

100 block S. Main Ave. Commercial burglary (felony)

February 5

31200 block Old River Rd. Runaway juvenile

900 block S. Mission Rd. (1) Under influence/controlled substance

February 5

900 block S. Mission Rd. (2) Driving w/out valid license, under

influence/controlled substance

800 block E. Alvarado St. Residential burglary

300 block W. Clemmens Ln. Rape

Rice Canyon Rd. @ Pala Rd. Stolen vehicle

31600 block Via Puerta Del Sol Commercial burglary

1100 block Box Canyon Rd. Theft by use of access card

February 6

100 block S. Mercedes Rd. Petty theft (from vehicle)

100 block Bryce Ln. Residential burglary

4700 block Highway 76 Assault w/deadly weapon, robbery

1000 block Charlyn Ln. Runaway juvenile

3200 block Sage Rd. Use access card w/o permission

1000 block Old Stage Rd. Accessory to felony

2100 block S. Mission Rd. Grand theft

E. Dougherty @ N. Vine St. Warrant/resist arrest

200 block Ammunition Rd. Under influence/controlled substance

100 block S. Main Ave. (1) Possess marijuana (minor)

100 block S. Main Ave. (2) Possess marijuana (minor); possess

smoking paraphernalia

200 block Mercedes Rd. Vehicle burglary

February 7

700 block Old Stage Rd. Kidnapping/suspicious circumstances

400 block Ammunition Rd. Residential burglary

300 block Elder St. Petty theft

400 block Poets Sq. Runaway juvenile

Southbound I-15 @ Pala Rd. Possess narcotics, possess drug


1100 block S. Vine St. Found property

4700 block Pala Rd. Possess narcotics, possess marijuana

2 Responses to "Sheriff’s Log February 14, 2013"

  1. Pessimistic   February 16, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Someone is not doing their job correctly in regards to placement of crime and arrest reports on the press log at the Sheriff’s Station. How can you have days with only one entry and others with 12+? That just is not possible, as far as I am concerned.

    Also, although many of the entries above are self explanatory as to probably being an ‘arrest’ entry many are not. Is there not a way to distinguish between the two? I believe you (FVN) use to do so…

  2. lotsofviolentcrime   March 21, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Wow, the violent crime in Fallbrook is shocking. Rape, burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and child abuse! That is crazy!
    Funny how much violent crime occurs when deputies are handling other business.

    All the while, Sheriff’s are busy arresting people for marijuana-related offenses, drunk in public (drunk at a bar, smart enough to WALK HOME, instead of getting a DUI), looking like a “gang member”-a.k.a. (any resident on Alturas, Vine, Old Stage, or Clemmens), and all sorts of other trivial stuff.

    Even if a resident living in the “gang” neighborhoods, asks a sheriff (for help/been victim of a crime); we get blown off, yelled at, or cursed at by deputies. Harrassing “every brown haired, brown eyed resident” takes precedence over actual crimes/criminals. It’s sad when women get sexually assaulted right in front of deputies. Harrassing a bunch of kids for walking on their neighbor’s grass is a much bigger threat to public safety, evidently.


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