Sheriff’s Log March 14, 2013

February 17

500 block Ammunition Rd. Domestic violence

March 1

1000 block S. Main Ave. Impersonate person to use credit card

March 2

100 block N. Main Ave. Petty theft

March 4

700 block Alturas Rd. Commercial burglary

SR76 @ Sage Rd. Arrest: Carry concealed weapon dirk/dagger;

possess burglary tools; buy property w/I.D. removed

March 5

300 block E. Alvarado St. Found narcotics

600 block Inverlochy Dr. Arrest: Elder abuse w/injuries

47700 block Rainbow Glen Rd. Cited: Possess unlawful paraphernalia

S. Mission Rd. @ Rockycrest Rd. Arrest (juvenile): Felony warrants

400 block N. Vine St. Cruelty to child w/injuries

March 6

1100 block S. Vine St. (1) Assault w/deadly weapon

1100 block S. Vine St. (2) Assault w/deadly weapon

1100 block S. Vine St. (3) Assault w/deadly weapon

1700 block Avenida de Nog 5150/mental disorder

SR76 @ Olive Hill Rd. Arrest: DUI, possess marijuana for sale

March 7

300 block E. Alvarado St. Found ammunition

March 8

1100 block S. Mission Rd. 5150/mental disorder

100 block Shelby Ln. Residential burglary

1300 block E. Alvarado St. Petty theft (from vehicle)

1800 block Calmin Dr. Use access card w/o consent

3400 block Live Oak Creek Cir. Petty theft (from vehicle)

1600 block E. Mission Rd. Commercial burglary

March 9

1100 block S. Main Ave. Arrest: Assault w/deadly weapon

300 block Potter St. Death/Coroner’s case

400 block W. Clemmens Ln. Stolen vehicle

Industrial Way @ N. Brandon Rd. Arrest: Drunk in public

300 block E. Alvarado St. Found rifle

March 10

400 block E. Aviation Rd. Cited: Possess unlawful paraphernalia

1000 block Knoll Park Ln. 5150/mental disorder

300 block E. Alvarado St. Missing adult

2 Responses to "Sheriff’s Log March 14, 2013"

  1. wtfisupwiththechildabusers   March 15, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Wow, child abuse involving scumbags who I believe are repeat offenders is running rampant in this town. How many FELONY CHILD ABUSE INCIDENTS OCCURRED IN THE PAST MONTH?????? WHO ARE THESE CREEPS DOING THIS SO WE CAN REPORT ANYTHING WE SEE THAT’s suspicious??? Neighbors and residents in our community don’t know who these parents are beating their children half to death.

    Why in the world doesn’t the Sherriffs Department focus on protecting these kids??? An article about every incident of vicious child abuse should be submitted to the Village News along with a PHOTO/mugshot of the perpetrators. These abuse cases sooooo many times go ignored, blown off, or treated as though the children deserved the abuse. Even when sheriffs report violent cases to CPS, the CPS workers are too busy focusing on “protecting kids” from “neglect or parents allegedlly abusing drugs”.

    CPS workers need to get off their high horses and quit abusing their authority. They need to remove kids who are getting physically abused-period. Quit accusing every single parent of drug abuse, when they have no proof of any wrongdoing. Protect kids from violent, abusive parents or caretakers. Abuse is not difficult to determine if we had CPS workers who actually did their job.

    I’ve heard CPS reps in Fallbrook have lawsuits against them involving civil rights violations of innocent parents who’ve never abused or neglected their kids. Happy and healthy kids get removed based on hearsay from a “report of abuse”. 78% of calls into the CPS child abuse hotline are bogus.

    Calls regarding parents who are beating their children go ignored, or blown off as only “discipline”. Worse yet, CPS workers tell abused children they won’t tell their parents what was said. The abused kids are scared, as they know they will suffer more injury once the CPS workers choose not to remove them from the home. Abusers come in all races, professions, and cultures. Many of them are in trusted professions. A person’s job or profession should not be considered when responding to abuse reports. In fact, children who report violent child abuse often have a parent who is very charming, manipulative, and cunning.

    Too many children are in the foster system that didn’t need to be removed from their parents. Children are abused frequently in the foster system. Their cries go unheard by CPS. Foster parents are not screened thoroughly before becoming a foster parent. Abused children continue to be victimized by their parents because CPS workers are too self absorbed trying to play “drug detective” with every single “neglect” case. Leave the “detective” work to the responding detectives and law enforcement. They are far better trained in detecting abuse, than CPS workers with a power trip and gigantic ego. When cops write their “suspected abuse reports” in domestic violence cases, stating the mother or victim of domestic violence is a capable and fit parent. Then CPS workers should not go harrassing the protective mother who threw the abusive father out of the house. They should not blame the victim of domestic violence when they report dv. That is called being responsible.

    But in almost every case involved referrals from law enforcement, the CPS workers question/think they know more than the cops do. They grill the heck out of the victim of dv, threatening to remove their children for “failure to protect”. How about “failure to protect” charges being filed against the CPS workers for not taking action in actual child abuse cases. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law when they continue to endanger children. They leave abused kids with their violent parents, while taking perfectly healthy kids away from parents who’ve never hurt their children and provide a stable environment.

    If anybody witnesses a parent/caretaker abusing a child- it is your duty as responsible citizen to call 911. Don’t call CPS, the police are able to get to the location the quickest to help the child/get medical treatment for victims/able to arrest the abuser/perpetrator. Let the cops do their job, in getting the victims help/medical treatment/rushed to the hospital. The cops can arrest the person committing the crime, and gather the evidence needed. They are the only ones authorized to get an Emergency Protective Order and get the child the help they need. Let the cops decide if it’s necessary to get CPS involved. They are far better trained in abuse cases, than CPS. CPS is an agency full of workers with the “I–it-all” syndrome. They are so egotistical that they don’t like to take the cops word for it. CPS is on such a trainwreck crusade against good parents, they fail children who are truly abused/need to be removed.

  2. Diana   March 15, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    I totally agree with comment # 1


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