Bonsall students compete in inaugural Tomlinson Games

Fourth graders Connor Pape and Evan Thomas compete in a race at the Tomlinson Games.

BONSALL – Over 100 Bonsall students from grades 4, 5, and 6 came together to jump, throw and run at the inaugural Tomlinson Games at Sullivan Middle School on April 13, in front of a crowd of over 500 people.

Students from Bonsall West Elementary, Vivian Banks Charter School, Bonsall Elementary and Sullivan Middle School participated.

This track meet was organized by Cindy Tomlinson-Lloyd and Joseph Clevenger, principal at Sullivan Middle School. The name of the games was decided upon by school staff and superintendent Dr. Justin Cunningham.

Tomlinson-Lloyd, a middle school PE teacher, athletic director, and coach at Sullivan Middle School, has also been a coach, mentor and a pillar in the Bonsall/ Fallbrook community for decades. The games were named after her to celebrate her tremendous impact on the community and her work with students and athletes.

She coached her first Don Dornon team in 1982 and has been to every meet for the past 34 years.

When the students of Bonsall were uninvited from the long standing Don Dornon Games, Bonsall schools quickly moved to ensure that students had a chance to participate in an event that focused on positive competition, athletic ability, and character.

Dozens of former Don Dornon game participants volunteered time to help run the event. Principal Clevenger said, “We would like to thank our volunteers for their support throughout the day. A very special thank you to Leslie Burgener who was a teacher in the Bonsall district for 34 years. She was the head timer and recorder for the games. Also special thanks to Rachel Thomas and Sue Peterson for their help with the ribbons. It is our hope to continue with these games for the children of community.”

2 Responses to "Bonsall students compete in inaugural Tomlinson Games"

  1. I remember ...........   May 15, 2017 at 8:55 am

    Didn’t F.U.E.S.D. kick Bonsall out of the Don Dornon games, because they (Bonsall) were winning too much? Something about their (Fallbrook) students working hard and not being rewarded?

    I remember my parents teaching us hard work and ‘doing your best’ is the reward!

    Hey Fallbrook, lets ‘re-invite’ everyone next year you ‘kicked to the curb’ & celebrate our awesome community; instead of segregating it. Just my humble opinion ………..

  2. Lisa   July 1, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I agree, good sportsmanship is the reward not the ribbon.


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