Fore named athletic director of Capistrano Valley Christian

Fallbrook High School graduate Chris Fore is now the athletic director of Capistrano Valley Christian High School.

Fore, who will remain as Capistrano Valley Christian’s head varsity football coach, was named as the school’s athletic director June 18.

Fore, who graduated from Fallbrook High School in 1994, was a teacher’s aide to athletic director Tom Pack as a junior. “I thought this would be a great job to go into someday,” Fore said. “I kind of decided that’s the career path I wanted to take, so it’s exciting to finally have that job.”

Fore began coaching as a senior at Fallbrook High School. An injury prevented him from playing on the varsity, so in 1993 he coached the school’s freshman football team. He also coached Fallbrook’s junior varsity team before moving to Temecula in 2001.

Fore spent five years coaching Linfield Christian High School in Temecula, serving as the junior varsity coach in 2001 and 2002 and taking over as varsity head coach from 2003 to 2005. The Lions reached the CIF Southern Section playoffs all three years of Fore’s varsity tenure, including a 10-2 record and a trip to the CIF semifinals in 2004.

In May 2006 Fore accepted the position of head football coach, and also school chaplain, at Capistrano Valley Christian. The Eagles, who finished 0-9 in 2005, completed the 2006 season with a 5-6 record after a first-round playoff loss. Fore was the runner-up for the Academy League’s football coach of the year.

During 2006 Chris and Christine Fore moved from Ontario to Oceanside, and their son was born October 29. Christine Fore had been a junior high school pastor in Ontario before Nate was born. Chris Fore’s parents still live in Fallbrook.

Fore’s predecessor as Capistrano Valley Christian athletic director, Randy Wright, also found a position closer to home. Wright, who had been with Santa Fe Christian before spending a year as basketball coach and athletic director of Capistrano Valley Christian, lives in Encinitas and accepted a position at a new private school in Carlsbad which will open in 2008.

Wright has not yet decided whether he will remain as the Capistrano Valley Christian basketball coach for 2007-08. If he steps down the school’s junior varsity coach will likely inherit the varsity position. Capistrano Valley Christian has immediate openings for boys soccer, girls soccer, and softball coaches. “I’m kind of thrown right into the fire in hiring coaches right

away,” Fore said.

Capistrano Valley High School fields 14 boys and girls sports, some of which also have junior varsity squads as well as varsity programs. As athletic director, Fore becomes responsible for all of the school’s sports programs. “The administrative organizational part of the job is what I love to do, and I think that God has gifted me in that area administratively and I really enjoy that part of athletics. For me it’s not a headache, but it just comes natural,” he said.

Fore’s experience isn’t limited to football. He played freshman baseball at Fallbrook High School before switching to track and field and throwing the shot put and discus for the Warriors. He was also Linfield’s varsity baseball coach for two years. “I think that having some experience in other sports does help,” he said.

Fore will also remain as the chaplain of Capistrano Valley Christian High School. That is a year-round job, so the off-season administration work of an athletic director doesn’t impact Fore’s school vacation schedule. “It doesn’t add any more months onto my year,” he said.

Fore’s position as chaplain is being reduced somewhat. Capistrano Valley Christian also has an elementary school and junior high school, and Fore had been the K-12 chaplain. He will now focus on high school students.

The school’s K-8 affiliation will also be part of Fore’s job as athletic director. Although the junior high school and elementary school have a separate athletic director, coordination will be involved. “We’ll be working together,” Fore said.

Clemente Bonilla was hired as the junior high school and elementary school athletic director in June. Bonilla took over as the high school varsity head baseball coach for 2007.

“We’ll definitely be working hand in hand on some different issues,” Fore said of coordinating with Bonilla.

One of those coordination tasks is facilities issues. Fore also hopes to improve the continuity of Capistrano Valley Christian students; private schools often lose students between eighth and ninth grade and Fore’s goals as athletic director include a more seamless transition. “One of my goals is to try to build an athletic program that will make it hard for kids to leave,” he said.

Fore has stayed in touch with Pack. “Usually it’s me asking him some questions. I’m sure that will increase,” Fore said.

Fore will likely be thinking of Pack even when he isn’t planning to make a phone call. “Coach Pack’s been a great mentor to me for a long time,” Fore said.

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