Locals play in pickleball tourney

OCEANSIDE – Pickleball has grown throughout the San Diego County area, and there are now over 20 venues to play this easy-to-learn sport for all ages. The most recent tournament held at Melba Bishop Community Center, the inaugural Southern California Summer Classic Pickleball Tourney June 21 to 24, is an indication of how far the players will travel to compete.

Participants included top players from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona and all over California. “The level of play was awesome and the spectators enjoyed watching all the fun everyone was having,” said John Ramirez, tournament director.

Area pickleball courts are available at Fallbrook Community Center, Castle Creek Resort, and Melba Bishop Community Center. For court locations and play times, log onto www.usapa.org and click on to “Places to Play.”

“Today friends now ask me where to play

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