Toth U.S. goalkeeper at Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup

Fallbrook’s Chris Toth was the goalkeeper for the United States beach soccer national team during the Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup tournament Oct. 30 through Nov. 3 in Dubai.

“It was a good experience for everyone, and it’s kind of getting our team together,” Toth said.

The U.S. national team left on Oct. 27 and arrived in Dubai on Oct. 28. Their first game was Oct. 30. “We played Russia, who’s the best in the world,” Toth said.

On Nov. 3 Russia won the championship match. In the two teams’ opener, Russia defeated the United States by a 9-1 score.

The United States then lost 5-3 to United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Oct. 31 and lost 4-3 Nov. 1 against Tahiti. “We were disappointed. We probably should have won those two games against UAE and Tahiti,” Toth said.

Tahiti will host the beach soccer World Cup in late 2013. The United States will participate in a qualifying tournament; the schedule has not yet been set but the qualifying matches are expected to begin in March.

“All in all it was a great experience,” Toth said. “It was just a great tournament. It was something that I was lucky to be a part of.”

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